Opening a path to the Source of healing & being

Who can benefit from this short Certificate course?
People interested in personal growth & awareness

This course (4 wkends) is designed for anyone interested in greater personal awareness – that is – learning the art of loosening/ letting go of old patterns of negativity, grief, fear and control.  And at the same time learning a process of connecting Self /Being.  That art is a unique process of observing & connecting while releasing the identification that hold the fixed phenomena in place.

To not fight; not judge; not fall into; not ignore… that which is arising within us; leaves us with one option: to notice and connect. As we do, we lose fear. As we lose fear we have the chance to see more of what is taking place, what it is connected to… in essence: how real is it? This is the process of inquiry that brings us to the point of breaking the hold of identification. Though this is often experienced as a small death it becomes the door of a re-birth into greater awareness and resolution.
This process not only teaches us the process of untangling & integrating various parts of the personality but also opens us to making a connection to a deeper/ higher aspect of Self within us.

People interested in Healing through hands & breath

At the same time, you will learn how touch becomes healing when it is done through a deeper connection within that can become a channel of healing.  This process will compliment body and/or mind based therapies such as: Massage/ Bodywork, Physiotherapy, Shiatsu, Reiki, Osteopathy, Spiritual Healing, Cranial Sacral, Rebalancing; as well as for people in other type ‘talking’ therapies.

What you learn with this course is designed to support you to integrate your increased sensitivity and presence into the work you already do.  The course therefore welcomes people who are just looking for the personal/ spiritual development and /or people looking to enhance the work they do with others.

About the course

The Course will include:

·      Sensitivity/ awareness development exercises
·      Holding yourself present in physical touch
·      Tuning into yourself and other
·      Learning Healing Touch treatment
·      Supporting the client to connect to the moment
·      Working with clients who find it hard to connect
·      Working with chronic holding patters
·      Working with emotional stress, distress & release
·      Developing trust in your sensitivity
·      Learning basis of using breath with sensitive touch
·      Questions you bring

How we are as people & why healing touch can help

The important experiences of our lives, that have been integrated into our psyche, have either:
Ø  put a strain on our connection to our sense of essential self
Ø  have re-enforced our connection to essential self.

For most of us, some combination of these two relationships has taken place.  These become reference points to how we ‘experience’ ourselves; how we act & ultimately who we perceive ourselves to be.
This alignment or dis-alignment to our original being-ness all takes place within the parameters of our connection to our body-mind.
If our alignment (or dis-alignment) to original being-ness takes place in the field of the body; that mean sensitive touch by another can support & re-enforce healthy flowing connections a person has to themselves; and somehow change the relationship the person has to unhealthy & restrictive points of reference that interrupt us from being ourselves.
In the relationship to unhealthy reference points lies the person’s psychology of conflict, assuming & unclear perceptions, disruptive and undermining emotions/ experiences.  When you make original organic contact with these points (as they manifest in the body) the unhealthy alignment has a chance to move & presence/ wellbeing has the chance to show its face.


The workshops will be facilitated by Ronald Dalton Rieck.  He originally studied Therapeutic Massage, Advanced Bodywork & Theory of Chinese Medicine at the Natural Therapeutics Research Trust.  He is a co-founder of the College of Holistic Medicine in Glasgow. Ron has taught courses in ‘Awareness’ & Bodywork in Germany, Switzerland, & Ireland for the past 18 years. For the last 30 years he has also worked as part of a training team in Integrative Massage Therapy, Counselling & Psychotherapy as well as ‘Mindful Connections’ Courses.  For the last 40 years he has  been involved in spiritual and personal awareness development work as a student, workshop facilitator and personal coach. He also provides private sessions in Healing, Reality Coaching & Awareness work.

Ulrike Zeller will provide any translation into German or French that is required. She is a Shiatsu therapist and integrated bodyworker and will be assisting Ron in the training.


Sa 18.02. and Su 19.02.2017
Sa 25.03. and Su 26.03.2017
Sa 20.05. and Su 21.05.2017
Sa 17.06. and Su 18.06.2017
from 10am – 5.30pm

Location:         Studio Neun
Gewerbestrasse 8
4553 Subingen (Solothurn)/ Switzerland

Cost                 CHF 1600,- all, can be paid by 4×400,-

Catering:         snacks and drinks will be offered

Information and Sign in:
Ulrike Zeller
0044 141 554 58 08
please sign in until the 31st December