Meditation for Heart & Mindful Connection 

 This group is informal. You don’t need to make an appointment.  The ‘connection-meditation’ starts at 7 pm and goes for approximately 45 mins.  You don’t need to have prior experience. Each session varies to a greater or lesser degree. The facilitator works from guidance he receives before and during each meditation. Sessions usually emphasise one or other of the following themes:

*Chakra Awareness & Alignment
*‘Stillness-Quietness’: the Art of the Observer
*Heart Connection
*’Chrystal Cave’
*’Garden of Connection’
*Sending Healing Energy

Ron Dalton-Rieck has worked in personal & spiritual development for over 35 years and has been facilitating meditation – connection groups for over 25 years.  He has worked & learned through a number of people, including his main teacher and friend, ‘Ayah’ – a sufi healer & teacher who lived in Malaysia.

Ron only speaks English. There will be German translation step by step throughout the meditation.

A CHF 15 contribution is requested.

When we come, where we work, how to contact us

We come to Switzerland approximately 9-10 times per year and do meditation evenings, workshops and 1:1 sessions in both Aarau and Solothurn areas (Subingen).  For information about the date of the next ‘connection-meditation’ in your area please contact Ulrike at  Once you are on Ulrike’s email list she will continue to let you know when and where meditations in Switzerland will take place.

Some comments from people who have attended

·      I’ve found the meditation evenings to be invaluable exercise in learning to support myself. The meditation evenings are sensitively guided and incredibly supporting, they’ve been a vital part of my growth.

·      The meditation classes have become part of my life, a time when I come back to myself, I would struggle without them. In an insane world this is something that makes sense.  Not just a good meditation practice but a time to be with others on a similar journey.

·      Although not following any particular structure, the meditations seem to feel like they’re tailor made for the stresses and strains of the day.    SV

·      I have done a fair amount of meditation, but I found at the Wed night exercise was something far more personal and touching. And yet, at other times left me facing difficult spaces inside, but with the support that I needed to face them. It has helped me grow….and continues to do so.  TW