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About me

My whole life – as long as I’ m aware of – something was missing. The missing was an inner missing and whatever I did as profession, as training, as workshops, meditation, vision quest, prayer dance, therapy group or 1:1 therapy, I was looking for the missing part.

And finally, (after many steps, many good experiences, many happy and painful events in my life) I found it in the work of awareness and connection to myself.

By realizing that becoming an observer of all things going on in me, I become present for the moment, for life itself…I was the missing part. When I’m not present in myself, in my work, in the contact with my clients – how can I expect them (clients) to open up to themselves or to me or to face their own difficulties, when I’ m still avoiding?!

The moment I started this process in me, my work deepened enormously. Whatever technique I use, it is much more effective, touching, opening, supportive and holistic.

·      Diploma as a Social Worker, Evangelische Fachhochschule Freiburg, 1996
·      Diploma in Physiotherapy, LFK Bad Krozingen, 2002
·      Diploma in Shiatsu, Shiatsuzentrum Freiburg, 2006
·      Diploma for Therapeutic Massage, CHM Glasgow, 2015
·      Trainings in PNF, Myofascial Release, Ear acupuncture, Kinesio Taping, Reflexology, Reiki I
·      Dorn’s Spine Therapy, Manual Therapy
·      Teaching Shiatsu since 2007 until I moved to Scotland in 2014
·      Certificate in Healing Touch
·      Breathe-Awareness-Connection Workshops
·      Beside Buddhism, regular meditations, Yoga and Iaido, I’m also connected to the tradition of the Native Americans through participation in Vision Quests and Prayer Dances & Sweat Lodges. I now work as a guide at Vision Quests and run Sweat Lodges in Germany, France, Switzerland and Scotland.

My approach

My base for any bodywork now is the inner connection and alinement in myself. Starting from this point, I connect to the client. I open up to myself and then to the client. My openness to whatever there is in me, allows the client to open up to him/herself – whatever there is. A not judging attitude, not knowing what should happen – even no intention of changing anything – gives the space for just meeting what is hidden in the cells of our body. This meeting and connecting on a conscious level creates the moment of a possible moving/ of integration.

My hands become a reflecting mirror for all the old and hidden experiences, emotions and attitudes we hold on to. Once visible and touchable they start to move.

Therefore the inner connection/ alinement is the base I work from, the ground I stand on. From there I use whichever technique appears to be adequate for the client, right now, right here.

 £50 per session
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