Below is an outline of the 3 types of sessions I do. When people come for 1:1 sessions they can say what kind of session they would like or we can work with a mix of these 3 approaches according to which seems most appropriate for what you need.


Over the years, I have worked with several teachers and ‘gurus’ both in India, Europe & America. For the last 20 years until his death in 2013 I worked with my friend and mentor Syed Yassin or ‘Ayah’. Ayah was a healer in the usual sense but he was a person who spent a great deal of his time in Prayer, working with Higher Beings he called the Babas. Through his process of surrender, presence & heart he was able to channel both information as well as transformational energy to the people he worked with.

It is through my relationship with Ayah that I have grown most.
It is also through my relationship with Ayah that I have been granted the privilege of asking certain Babas to come through prayers I do to help support, heal & intervene, where it is possible to help the person.

Awareness work

Awareness work is a way of becoming focussed in the immediate Here & Now. Regardless of the issue or problem; doorway or opportunity; grace or pain; one can only influence it or access it in the Here & Now.
This Here-Now work brings the person into contact with what is taking place immediately…contact into what s/he is immediately feeling, plotting, planning, disconnecting from, obsessing with, noticing or experiencing.

Few people have learned to concentrate their attention to stay present with what takes place in their Here-Now. Focussing one’s awareness on where their attention is going generates Presence in the Here-Now.
This quality of Presence – or single focused attention – has a unique effect on both the psychology of the person and also on their relationship with Self or Being; including;

1. Able to recognise how much habitual mental distraction and avoidance operates
2. Developing ability to slow down enough and step back from constant habitualised patterns enough to notice the spaces and experiences as they arise
3. For most people as they slow down, s/he begins to realise that there is a cross roads to either
a. Continue the noticing process mainly from the mind reference
b. Learn to open the door of personal emotional openness; weather there is any specific emotional energy there or not.

This emotional availability changes and deepens what can take place in the journey to recognising the Heart & Self
4. At this stage, the individual can begin to support that part of themselves that is entrapped in the habits and wounds that may be revealing. It is also at this stage that S/he can begin the process of ‘energetically’ supporting themselves and focusing their awareness into a deeper alignment whether there is conflict revealing or not
5. As one organically becomes self-aware, self-supportive and self-trusting enough; the individual can begin to take down some of the deeper barriers to their personal vulnerability and establish their capacity to hold their awareness (be the observer) in the hidden (but important) areas of the personality.
This, in essence, is the development of the Observer-Connector who can meet and support oneself within key areas of the Personality. (For those interested about this idea of the Observer any book by J Krishnamurti will be interesting.)
The process always happens organically and without force. The client gradually learns to be free to meet the moment as it appears without avoidance or being controlled by patterned experiences and assumptions.
Equally, this open process of developing the Observer allows the client to experience states of well being and freer energy flow. As the individual becomes more familiar with the process of being the Observer s/he incorporates this into his/her every day process of living.
A 2nd way this process works when the increased emerging awareness begins to move; more and more, a person can begin to align with chakras. When we are working at this level I will often draw your attention to a given chakra and ask you to see if you can notice the energy present.
Particularly, it begins to increase the person’s capacity to open the heart and to access higher energy from the 3rd eye. As this happens (to whatever degree), the person becomes more aware of how they do, and don’t, live in the here & now. The increased alignment, if it is the client’s true intention, accentuates personal healing and well being and gives them the momentum to allow more subtle obstacles to faced and gain a greater sense of the process of awakening to their choices and their true nature.

Reality Coaching

In this process the client is free to review /discuss any key situations (internal dilemmas; external conflicts & dilemmas; or the combination of both) that are pressing. In this dialogue, the coach is always listening, energetically supporting, questioning or suggesting what is needed to be focussed on. In all these processes the coach is inviting the client to touch and explore

1. What is the practical reality of the situation
2. What is experientially affecting the client in the moment as they face the predicament between how they want it to be…and how it is at this moment.

This process inevitably leads to opening & meeting what one is holding – layer by layer – until the client comes to a point of insight, resolution or letting go.

Starting to come to terms with the predicament and/ or coming to a point of insight/ resolution/ letting go; brings the client steps closer to coming to terms with reality as it is presenting itself and therefor coming to a point of peace within.

This is the natural process of maturing and evolving one’s awareness and capacity to grow. In this process, fixed points of perception, emotion and attitude begin to move in the light of reality and one’s gradual willingness to bring awareness to the conflict between how we want it to be & how it actually is. When we can meet this predicament – deeply enough; honestly enough – we can begin to move towards how it could be.

Meeting the predicament – inside and out – in a moment to moment manner – is the process of letting go (dying at a level) in order to allow a greater presence to emerge.

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