Ronald Dalton – Rieck,  07854795804

For more than 30 years I have been working both personally and professionally with what it is to wake up to the conditioning, internal conflicts and external naiveite that so many of us suffer from.  My interest is in the path and steps that we can make to connect to our true nature and live that experience within the everyday life that we have.

Over the years, I have worked with several teachers and ‘gurus’ both in India and Europe.  For the last 20 years, until his passing in 2013. I worked with my friend and mentor Syed Yassin or ‘Ayah’.  Ayah was a healer in the usual sense but he was a person who spent a great deal of his time in Prayer, working with Higher Beings he called the Babas.  Through his process of surrender, presence & heart he was able to channel both information as well as transformational energy to the people he worked with.
It is through my relationship with Ayah that I have grown most.

My main professional focus at this part of my life is to continue working with clients to facilitate their own personal & higher awareness so they can realise more of who they are and what they are capable of.  Where possible, work to clear the way with & for people to make a connection to their heart and regain the connection of how to receive.

·      Diploma- Integrative & Gestalt Psychotherapy from Natural Therapeutics Research Trust (NTRT), 1985
·      Diploma in Psychotherapy Supervision, NTRT, 1988
·      Diploma in Awareness, Meditation & Personal Development Process, NTRT, 1990
·      Diploma in Therapeutic Massage, NTRT, 1981
·      Advanced Diploma in Therapeutic Bodywork, NTRT, 1983
·      Accred. Mem., Society of Holistic Practitioners
·      Accred. Mem., BACP
·      Director of Studies College of Holistic Medicine, from 1988 – 2015
·      Designed 2yr Counselling, 3yr Advanced Counselling and 4 yr Psychotherapy Course taught at CHM
·      Co-designed Integrated Bodywork Course
·      Creator / facilitator of Mindful Connections Awareness Course
·      Facilitate 1:1 sessions in Switzerland and Scotland
·      Facilitate ongoing Breath~Awareness~Connection Workshops in Scotland
·      Facilitate Healing Touch (1 & 2) Certificate Courses in Switzerland
·      Facilitate Connection-Meditation groups in Switzerland & Scotland