What do we focus on in the workshop?

This is a two-day workshop for those who are looking to continue to open  their hearts, work out the issues that bind them, develop a greater awareness of personality patterns and build the connection to true Self.

    • For the two days we will work with a number of exercises & discussions including
  • Connecting to breath & the subtle energy within breath
  • Directing that subtle energy for change & healing
  • Eye & energy connecting to partner
  • Focused meditations
    • Chakra alignment
    • Developing heart connection
    • Developing 3rd eye connection
    • Cultivating quietness
    • Working with the psychological ‘poisons’
  • Group discussion of working with negativity & transcendence
  • 1:1 opportunity where you require – to be supported to work with what is coming up
  • Developing capacity to not take on negative thoughts/ energy of others

Feminine approach to breath-work

Working with a feminine approach to breath-work we will learn how to access prana and integrate this energy into the simple act of being.  This process of breath-work, activates and strengthens the ‘aware observer’ within us.  As we learn to be present – able to meet what is taking place – we can use the breath
to connect to both the moment of what is happening and ourselves, within that moment.

Growing the observer – connector within

To not fight; not run; not judge; not fall into; not ignore… that which is arising within us; leaves us with one option: to notice and connect. As we do, we lose fear; as we lose fear we have the chance to see more of what is taking place, what it is connected to… in essence: how real is it?  This is the process of inquiry that brings us to the point of breaking the hold of identification. Though this is often experienced as a small death it becomes the door of a re-birth into greater awareness and resolution.

This process not only teaches us the process of untangling & integrating various parts of the personality but also opens us to making a connection to a deeper/ higher aspect of self within us.

Ongoing workshop opportunity

We will be offering 4 to 5 weekend workshops per year. Come when you can & if it suits you. There are a number of people who have expressed interest in having an ongoing opportunity to intensively practice the exercises, evolve their understanding and get the support this kind of weekend offers.


You will receive a Certificate for Continuing Professional Development.


The workshop will be facilitated by Ron Dalton-Rieck.  Ron is a qualified psychotherapist for over 35 years and an accredited member of BACP. He works with people in groups and 1:1 to promote self-awareness, personality integration & healing. He runs Healing Touch Workshops and Breathe-Awareness Coaching Courses in Switzerland and the UK. He also works as a Psychotherapy Course Tutor and Supervisor.

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