Professional Supervision for Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Coaches & Care professionals


It is my aim to provide both personal support and professional discretion and direction where needed. I see the need for therapists to:
1st      be supported personally and professionally
2nd     be professionally coached and possibly challenged if the well-being of their client is perceived to be at stake
3rd      be given the opportunity to review specific client situations and predicaments, with an eye to exploring problems, solutions and ethical dilemmas
4th      be provided with the opportunity to continue to grow in both therapeutic strategy and personal awareness and development

At our first meeting we would begin by coming to an agreement about the nature and scope the supervision.

  •   After that, it is my preference that sessions are largely prescribed by the supervisees perceived needs; with the exception of where I feel the client’s well-being is at stake.
  •   All work we do will reflect the BACP Ethical Code.

For more information you can contact Ron Dalton-Rieck or by phone on  07854795804

Training & experience

Ron Dalton Rieck is a BACP registered Psychotherapist.  He received a 4 year training and Diploma in Gestalt Therapy from the Natural Therapeutics Research Trust in 1985.
At this point he had already been working as a counsellor and bodyworker since 1981.  In 1988 he received a Diploma in Psychotherapy Supervision from the same Organisation.

From 1989 to 1992 he designed the basis for a 4 year Psychotherapy Course called the ‘Core Capacity Model’ that organically integrated Person Centred, Psychosynthesis, CBT and Gestalt Approaches.  The course was, and is still is, unique in its training methodology and approach.  In the following years the course was refined and integrated and was taught through the College of Holistic Medicine in the following format:
·      2 year counselling Diploma
·      3yr Advanced Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling
·      4yr Diploma in Psychotherapy

Ron’s supervision experience began in 1988  with students from the CHM courses and continues today with a number of working counsellors and psychotherapist from a range of work situations. He has since written a supervision course and has trained a number of teachers and supervisors who worked on the CHM courses.

He has also been active in a clinical practice of psychotherapy since 1985 but spends most of his time working with Healing~Awareness~Reality Coaching (see listed)