What it is

A sweat lodge is an ancient ceremony for cleansing, deep healing, praying and reaching higher consciousness. This ritual is rooted in the tradition of the Native Americans, though many cultures used this kind of approach.

The ceremony connects to 4 directions (east, south, west, north) as doorways; father sky and mother earth hold and support these doorways.  The elements are represented by stones/ earth, wood, water, air & fire.  The use of these elements, in conjunction with our own sincere focus & prayer, opens the doors to a universal connection of spirit, healing, and awakening. This universal connection is personalized in each individual’s prayer and need.

Participants of a sweat lodge ask, with their prayers, for help in view of the bigger picture of life.  They take a step in the unknown, in humbleness, and an open heart.

Entering the wooden hut – covered with blankets – forces you to bow, to become smaller and at the same time offers you a place of spiritual refuge and healing, a place to ask life or spirit questions and to get answers, to get guidance in difficult situations or at crossroads of your life.

What happens

In the sweat lodge is a pit for heated stones. The Sweat lodge Guide pours water on the stones. Thus we ‘sweat’, sometimes sing, hold our focus with open hearts… the best we can. There will be 4 rounds in line with the directions.

How it is for me

For me, the sweat lodge is a personal place to reconnect with my higher Self, with what is going on right now, right here and admitting and acknowledging the reality as it is… entering the not knowing and be open for bigger answers & support.

Some practical information

During and before the ceremony no alcohol, no drugs!! for at least 24 hours
No heavy meal just before the ceremony… bring enough to drink and something to eat for after the ceremony.

Bring a towel and a suitable dress (top and short trousers or bathing costume …) for inside the sweat lodge. The reason not to enter naked is about not confusing spirituality with sexuality and creating a safe place where people feel comfortable.

If somebody has physical problems or you have an acute illness, fever or are taking medicine or has any kind of mental problems, please talk to me about the sweat lodge in advance!!

Everything else will be explained before the sweat lodge.  Every time there will be a meeting together, preparing the sweat lodge, setting the fire, … reconnect to respect, sincerity for yourself and everybody else…

O Mitakuye Oyasin

I will start regular sweat lodges – once a month – in spring 2017!!

The sweat lodges will take place on weekends Saturday or Sunday…
Contributions for maintaining the place, get wood : 20 pnds

Dates and address with descriptions how to get there will be announced soon!!!

contact and further informations:
Ulrike Zeller
0788 554 2355

O Mitakuye Oyasin = all my relatives (= everything is connected)
Looking forward to see you at the sweat lodge